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This no-frills site supports pilots exchanging information about restaturants accessible from general aviation airports. There are a ton of web resources with restaurant menus, directions, phone numbers, reviews etc. This site intentionally avoids replicating that information. What you will find here is information speicific to navigating to restaurants after landing at general aviation airports i.e. have a tow bar handy as tie downs are tail in only, courtesy car availability etc. Use your favorite apps/methods to find restaurant options then come here to see if pilots have noted considerations that might make your restaurant visit when arriving by plane smoother or more enjoyable. Or, find a restaurant here, then verify with other apps that it meets your needs.

Behind this site is a database of all airports in the United States. Restaurants are associated to the most convenient airport. Users can quickly add or edit restaurants noting very basic information. Users add, edit or delete comments to restaurants. Users can search for restaurants at other airports w/in a given number of miles of an airport or course.

Everything about this site is "keep it simple" requiring minimal effort to use and maintain. Users are not required to login. There is no moderation. "Crowd sourcing" hopefully minimizes stale data. The value of the site is in your hands. Be respectful, courteous and we'll have a valuable resource increasing the enjoyment of general aviation.

The creator will not check this e-mail often, but if you have something to report, send a note to